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Printing for the Music Industry and Community for 30 Years!

Located in Nashville, Tennessee - "Music City" - we are known as "The one to call" for the music industry! With our competitive prices we're still a cut above the rest in quality and service! We print, regularly, for major manufacturers and video gaming companies. With over 80 years of industry experience, we truly give you a fair price and not low quality!

To order booklets, inserts or inlays, simply select "CD Products" on the menu to the left and select the product you need. Our easy one page ordering and instant pricing simplifies the process for you. If you have any questions please give us a call. A real person will answer the phone!

Printing samples
  • Not too long ago, independent artists used to have to come up with a lot of money to produce their CD’s; including the printing of inserts, booklets, inlays, and slipcases. They’d end up with stacks of boxes to manage, in the hopes of one day selling them all and turning a profit. Today, you can order and produce as few as 100 at a time.

    Here at we offer our services to accommodate short run CD Products by providing a range of CD Inserts from a 4.75” x 4.75”, 2-Sided, single insert all the way up to 12 Panel Poster inserts! We also make CD Insert Trays/Inlays and CD Booklets; but not just for the single cd jewel case. We can accomodate printing for double-cd jewelcases as well as inserts and booklets for digipaks (assembly not included). Each of these products are printed on a quality 100# Gloss Text stock and shipped to you or your distributor ready for insertion into the jewel case (not included).

    If you work for a music publisher, distribution company, or are promoting your own music you know CD’s are still relevant in today’s digital age because they are a tangible link to an artist or group. With today’s technology just about anyone can produce their own music and market themselves. For most artists, releasing or producing their album on CD is almost effortless now.

    To assist with the creation process, we have design templates for each CD product and they can be used in any of the Adobe applications, including Illustrator and InDesign. Our templates distinctly emphasize, cut, bleed, folds, and color space profiles.

  • You get quick and affordable pricing with our pricing calculator. We make ordering easy by putting everything on one page. All CD products are printed on-site using the finest offset and digital equipment, technology and services available anywhere. We are known for excellent quality and shipping on time for any order we get!

    Because we have such a wide variety of products, we've listed shared options for each product as well as a direct link for each product we offer.

    CD / DVD Products Page Links

    Click any product link to order

    Finished Products

    Order CD Booklet Inserts

    Order 2 Panel Insert

    Order 4 Panel Insert

    Order 6 Panel Insert

    Order 8 Panel Insert

    Order 10 Panel Insert

    Order Tray Card / Inlays

    Order 8 Panel Poster Insert

    Order 12 Panel Poster Insert

    Order Slim Line Insert

    Ink Coverages:

    4 / 4: CMYK Outside and Inside
    4 / 1: CMKY Outside and Black Inside
    4 / 0: CMYK Outside and Blank Inside
    1 / 0: Black Outside and Blank Inside

    Aqueous Coating (Gloss)

    Outside Cover Only
    Entire Booklet

    Booklet Binding

    All CD Booklets are Saddle-Stitched with 2 staples.
    We can do perfect binding for thicker Chubby Jewel Case Booklets (Custom Option)

    Proof Approval

    PDF Proof via Email: Our standard process which allows for a faster turn time
    Hard-Copy: Allows you to check layout and have a more accurate color representation

    Production Time

    Normal: Ships in 7 Business Days after proof approval
    Rush: Ships in 6 Business Days after proof approval
    Hot!Hot!: Ships in 5 Business Days after proof approval

    Multiple UPS Shipping Options

    Pick Up and Delivery available for Nashville, TN

  • Our pricing calculator is streamlined to provide you with the industry standard paper choices for CD / DVD Products.
    But, if your project is a different combination of inside page stocks for booklets, or requires a special type of paper, we can do it! We would be pleased to give you a custom quote and have an opportunity to serve you!

    Inserts, Booklet and Tray Online Stock Availability

    100# Gloss Text:

    Gloss is a shiny finish. Typical caliper (thickness) in inches is .0048.

    Slipcases, O-Cards, and CD Mailer Stock Availability

    15pt C1S Cover: (Offset Printing Only!)

    C1S means gloss coating on one side of the paper (Coat 1 Side) and the other side is uncoated.
    Caliper (thickness) in inches is .015.

    130# Gloss Cover: (Offset Printing Only!)

    This paper has a shiny finish on both sides.
    Typical caliper (thickness) in inches is .0133.

    12 Point C2S

    This card or cover stock is C2S; meaning gloss coating is on both sides of the paper (Coat 2 Sides).
    Caliper (thickness) in inches is .012.

    100# Gloss Cover:

    This is an uncoated (non-glossy) white paper that is easily written on. Images can have a slight fuzzy appearance since uncoated paper absorbs ink.
    Typical caliper (thickness) in inches is .0141.

  • To keep our pricing competitive we made the most standard ink options available on our pricing calculator.

    Ink Formats

    4 Color (Full Color):

    A printing technique that uses the four process colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) in varying proportions to create thousands of colors. Color images are reproduced using a pattern of overlapping, different-sized dots in the four process colors. This is also known as Full Color, as in a color photograph.

    Black Only:

    We use a black ink called "Work & Turn" Black. It is a more dense black than the process black used in 4 Color Process printing.

    4 Color and Black Combinations:

    Our pricing calculator does accomodate a combination of black only and full color pages dispersed throughout the inside pages of a book. If your project is a combination of different ink styles, or requires a special color, we would be pleased to give you a custom quote.

  • The production times listed below are "average" and are not specific to each CD project we produce. For instance, CD Slipcases production time is a little longer due to the extra production processes (die-cutting and gluing) required to complete an order.

    Large Quantity

    Normal Processing: Ships in 5 business days after proof approval.
    Rush!: Ships in 4 business days after proof approval.
    Hot! Hot!: Ships in 3 business days after proof approval.

    Small Quantity

    Normal Processing: Ships in 3 business days after proof approval.
    Rush!: Ships in 2 business days after proof approval.
    Hot! Hot!: Ships in 1 business days after proof approval.

    Shipping Information

    Shipping available to US and Canada.
    Free Delivery in Nashville, TN to Commercial Addresses ONLY; this excludes home business addresses.
    Please call or email us to verify if your location is in our delivery area.

  • While CD packaging is defined by industry standards, and those standards keep our production costs low, you are only bound to final sizes. So, if your printing project…

      • is a digi-pack
      • needs additional inserts
      • needs different binding
      • needs a special coating
      • needs foil stamping and/or embossing
      • has specific colors (corporate colors)
      • has other elements to c

    ...we can definitely produce it! Just let us know your heart’s desire… for your custom project and we'll get to work; no matchmaking capabilities here!

    We have a minimum small quantity of 100 on some products and there is no maximum. We've taken the liberty of simplifying the calculator by letting you choose a small or large quantity. Small quantities range between 100 and 1000 finished piecess and large quantities begin at 1000 or more.

    Our online prices are pretty competitive for short runs under 7500. But, if you need bulk printing or bulk pricing, we can definitely give you a fair price and accommodate other shipping options for large quantities.

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