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What is Gang-Run Printing?

When multiple printing projects have a common paper type and are using the same ink colors, these projects are combined on a single sheet for printing. Print providers are sticklers for saving paper so if a project can fit in an unused space on a printed sheet, they'll utilize that space. Also called "combo-running" or "piggy-backing", this process reduces the cost of production per project, paper waste, and turn-around times.

Does Gang-Running Jobs Reduce MY Cost?

Yes, it does! In four color printing the set up, along with printing the first 1000 sheets, costs more per sheet than continuing to print an additional 1000 per item. The gang-run process allows us to offer a lower printing price because the cost of the setup, and the initial 1000 sheets through the press, are shared among the projects combined on the press sheet.

Our pricing for products that can be gang printed (brochures, flyers, postcards, etc.) are automatically calculated when placing your order. The price you see is what you get. However, if you need an exact color match you will need to give us a call, send us an email, or request custom quote for pricing. We give you affordable prices and NOT cheap printing.

The Pros and Cons of Gang-Printing

It is correct to assume that each project on a gang-run sheet may not have the same color scheme. Knowing this, please be mindful that this process only allows for pleasing color and NOT exact color matches. As such, there may be some variances of color from run to run (or order to order). Gang running is for jobs where the client wants a cheap price and high-quality offset printing. This means they aren't paying for the additional paper waste for set up, custom sizes (if applicable), and job specific printing plates to allow for exact color matching.


  • Efficient Printing for Lower Prices
  • Environmentally Friendly by Reducing Paper Waste in both Print Area and Quantity
  • Applicable to Four Color Process (CMYK)
  • High Quality Offset Printing
  • Standard Paper Stocks and Sizes


  • Custom Quantities are not readily available
  • Lack of Custom Paper Stocks and Sizes
  • Color may vary from run to run
  • Custom Pantone Colors not available

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