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Print Learning Center: Top Questions Regarding Print

Welcome to Our Print Learning Center! Our mission has been to provide quality printing to our clients and educate them about printing and the logistics thereof. Over the next few months you will see this section grow as we become a very valuable asset for you and your organization. We will focus on not only HOW we do things in the printing industry, but WHY we do things the way they do. You know, what are the best practices for design, printing, color conversion, mailings, and what are other options for using print in my marketing and customer relations!

Ultimately, we hope to evolve from just being a quality print provider into a succinct & authoritative resource for all things printed on paper! We'd love to get some feedback during this journey, too! So, if you have an article, tip, or something unusual that you've experienced in the printing world, give us a shout, we'd welcome the opportunity to link to your story or article.

Printed Image vs Computer Monitor Image

What Resolution Should My Print Files Be?

If you're creating an image, it should be 300dpi or higher.

Images pulled from a website are usually 72dpi. If there are too few dots per inch, then the dots will be large and very pixilated (jagged edges, which make for rough edged, sometimes blurry images).

The higher the dpi you can provide, the better.

Printers Loop on Color Swatch Book

What is the difference in CMYK vs RGB?

CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and BlacK(aka Key); commonly known as 4 Color Process. Printers print in 4 color process called CMYK.

RGB = Red, Green, and Blue. TV's, Cellphones, Computer Monitors, and any other electronic device with a color display use this format to display color.

When a file is submitted all RGB images will need to be converted to CMYK.

Printers Bleed and White Border

What is Printer's Bleed?

"Bleed" is an industry term used to describe printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet so after the page is trimmed there is no white margin at the edge.

Therefore, a printed piece that has printing going to the edge of the paper on any side needs to "bleed"

Spot UV & AQ

What is Aqueous Coating?

Aqueous coating (also called AQ coating) is a clear, water-based, fast drying, protective layer which acts like a shield to seal the ink on your printing. It is usually applied, in-line, during the printing process.

Much like clear-coating on your car, AQ makes your printing more resilient to scuffs, fingerprints, smudges, and other surface blimishes.

Pantone Swatch Books

What is the Pantone Matching System?

When someone mentions a PMS color, they are referring to the Pantone Matching System. This system contains a variety of over 1300 solid ink colors. 4-color process swatch books have more than 3000 achievable colors for print.

This system IS the printing industry standard for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling printed colors.


What is Gang-Run Printing?

When multiple printing projects have a common paper type and are using the same ink colors, these projects are combined on a single sheet for printing.

Also called "combo-run", "piggy-backing", and "ganging" this process allows us to offer a lower printing price because the cost of the setup and printing processes are shared among the projects combined on the press sheet.

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