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Real Service. Real Experience. Real Printers.

We’re one of the few real brick and mortar printers with a competitive online presence. We won't even try to lure you in with cheap buckslip pricing and then give you inconsistent quality like a lot of our online competitors. We've been in the printing industry for over 80 years and will definitely give you a fair price and excellent quality! is a full-service print and finishing provider. We make it easy to order online. Our pricing is instant, and real people actually answer the phone! We are the best choice to produce professional statement stuffers to include in your mailed correspondence with your customers; shipped on time, every time!

Statement Stuffers and Mailers
  • Reach Out to Your Customers with Statement Stuffers!

    Full color printed statement stuffers, bill inserts, statement inserts, and buckslips pack a powerful marketing punch for promotions you can include in your regular, mailed correspondence with your customers. Utility and credit card companies often include these in their monthly invoice or statement to their customers.

    Bill inserts, also called a bill enclosure or bill stuffer, are a perfect way to efficiently distribute your message about products, services, promotions, and helpful information. Whether you send them with invoices, monthly statements, or all by themselves, they can be created at much less cost than other packaged components.

    We offer several size options, which range between 3.5"x7" up to 10.5"x8.5" on offset, gloss, or matte paper stocks. The most common ones we produce are about the size of a dollar bill (hence the name buckslip), but you need a larger or smaller size, or just something more unique, let us know, we can get it done!

    We print most of our standard orders on offset presses, which give you stunning color and superior quality. Also, we print short-run orders and sizes on our digital presses, which give you the same thing an offset press can, but saves you time and money.

    Other options we offer include folding, different color formats, and rush ordering. We are the best choice for printing quality jobs and shipping on time, every time!

  • You get quick and affordable pricing on the order page. We make the process easy by putting everything on one, step by step page. Your order is printed on-site using the finest offset and digital equipment, technology and services available anywhere!

    What's In the Calculator

    All options apply to each finished size available.

    Finished Sizes

    3.5"x7" (Standard Size)

    Ink Coverages:

    Ink Coverages:

    4 / 4: CMYK on both sides
    4 / 1: CMKY Front and Black Back
    4 / 0: CMYK Front Only
    1 / 1: Black on Both Sides
    1 / 0: Black Front Only

    Paper / Stock

    70lb. Offset Text
    100lb. Gloss or Matte Text


    No Fold

    Proof Approval

    PDF Proof via Email: Our standard process which allows for a faster turn time

    Hard-Copy (Available for 4 Color Printing Only)
    The next business day after receiving your files, the proof will be sent UPS overnight. If there is a problem with your files you will be contacted immediately.
    You will need to sign these proofs and ship back to us before we can proceed with production. See your cost in the price calculator.We highly recommend this type of proof if you have color critical logos or images. It is the safest proofing method to ensure color will meet your expectations.
    However, most customers use the Free Online Proof and are satisfied with the results.

    Production Time

    Normal: Ships in 7 Business Days after proof approval
    Rush: Ships in 5 Business Days after proof approval
    Hot!Hot!: Ships in 4 Business Days after proof approval
    Digital Production time is slightly faster!

    Multiple UPS Shipping Options

    Pick Up and Delivery available for Nashville, TN

  • is streamlined to provide you with the common, industry standard paper choices for the products we offer.
    If your project differs from what you see listed or you can't find what you're looking for, we can help! Just call us or simply request a quote. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

    Online Stock Options and Availability

    70# Lynx Opaque Text:

    This is an uncoated (non-glossy) white paper. Easily written on, opaque paper has less "see through" to the other side of the sheet than offset paper. Images can have a slight fuzzy appearance since uncoated paper absorbs ink. Typical caliper (thickness) in inches is .0052.

    100# Matte Text:

    Matte paper coating has a flat appearance compared to Gloss. The mattte finish causes less light reflection or "glare". Typical caliper caliper (thickness) in inches is .0058.

    100# Gloss Text:

    This paper has a shiny finish. Typical caliper (thickness) in inches is .0048.

  • To keep our pricing competitive we made the most standard ink options available on our pricing calculator.

    Ink Formats

    4 Color (Full Color):

    A printing technique that uses the four process colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) in varying proportions to create thousands of colors. Color images are reproduced using a pattern of overlapping, different-sized dots in the four process colors. This is also known as Full Color, as in a color photograph.

    Black Only:

    We use a black ink called "Work & Turn" Black. It is a more dense black than the process black used in 4 Color Process printing.

    4 Color and Black Combinations:

    Our pricing calculator does accomodate a combination of black only and full color pages dispersed throughout the inside pages of a book. If your project is a combination of different ink styles, or requires a special color, we would be pleased to give you a custom quote.

  • Large Quantity: Offset Printing

    Normal Processing: Ships in 5 business days after proof approval.
    Rush!: Ships in 4 business days after proof approval.
    Hot! Hot!: Ships in 3 business days after proof approval.

    Small Quantity: Digital Printing

    Normal Processing: Ships in 3 business days after proof approval.
    Rush!: Ships in 2 business days after proof approval.
    Hot! Hot!: Ships in 1 business days after proof approval.

    Shipping Information

    Shipping available to US and Canada.
    Free Delivery in Nashville, TN to Commercial Addresses ONLY; this excludes home business addresses.
    Please call or email us to verify if your location is in our delivery area.

  • is a full-service print and finishing provider. We make it easy to order online. Our pricing is virtually instant, and we provide excellent customer service.

    We also recognize the creativity of our customers! The options we offer online are based on the most popular in our product order history. But, if your statement stuffers:

      • is a unique size
      • requires a textured or premium paper
      • requires a specific color of paper
      • requires a special color ink (Pantone / PMS)
      • has foil stamping or embossing
      • needs a special coating
      • needs perforating
      • needs a return envelope
      • needs something we've not thought of

    ...we can produce it! Just give us the details by requesting a custom quoteand we’ll have a quote to you by the next business day.

    Bulk Options

    While you can order printing in any quantity of 100 or more. Our site is optimized for quantities up to 25,000. So, if you need bulk posters, request a custom quote! We should be able to give you a better bulk price and shipping options.

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